Tank Construction

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Tank Construction

    If you have an upcoming project that requires an aboveground storage tank, then you should be considering our company as a partner to help in the construction.

    ATEC Steel engineers are experts in the design of aboveground storage tanks that are required to comply with the rigorous standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). Our professionals serve on the API 650 oversight committee regarding the design, construction and testing of aboveground storage tanks and fully understand the importance required to adhere to this standard.

    Once the tank is designed, fabricated and shipped it is now in the trusting hands of our expert field crews. These professionals are provided the latest and best field welded tank equipment available in the industry today. They fully understand the importance of maintaining project schedules and quality construction, all will adhering to our customer and our company rigorous safety requirements.

    Typical aboveground storage tanks we provide are:

  • Cone Roof Tanks
  • Cone Roof Tanks with Internal Steel Open-top Bulk-headed Compartment Floating Roofs
  • Cone Roof Tanks with Internal Steel Closed-top Bulk-headed Compartment Floating Roofs
  • Cone Roof Tanks with Internal Aluminum Pontoon Floating Roofs
  • Cone Roof Tanks with Internal Aluminum Full Contact Floating Roofs
  • Open Top Tanks
  • Open Top Tanks with External Floating Roofs
  • Open Top Tanks with External Floating Roofs and Aluminum Geodesic Dome

Other aboveground storage tanks provided include:

  • Self-Supported Umbrella Roof
  • Self-Supported Dome Roof
  • Sloped-Shovel Type Bottom Tanks
  • API 620 Double Wall Tanks for Cryogenic Applications
  • AWWA D100 Standpipes and Ground Reservoirs
  • Digesters
  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES)
  • Excellence in the field is one of the major components in “The ATEC Advantage”. Rest assured if you choose to partner with our company for your next aboveground storage tank project, it will be completed with the highest quality of labor available in the industry today without jeopardizing safety or quality. If you have a question on tanks email it to us at: sales@atecsteel.com

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