Tank Painting

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Durable Finish

Tank Painting

    For longevity all structures require the necessity of a durable finish and tanks are no exception.

    Once the tank has been completed and hydro tested we work with a specific group of subcontractors who specialize in the application of internal tank linings and exterior coatings. This select group of professionals fully understand the importance of quality lining and coating applications adhering to our customer’s and our company’s rigorous safety requirements.

    Typical services required for tank linings and coatings supplied are as follows:

  • Shop blast and prime
  • Field surface preparation
  • Internal linings
  • External Coatings
  • Linings and coatings can be provide either “sprayed on” or “rolled on”
  • 100% Holiday testing for internal linings

Tank Linings

Typically our customers provide us with their own specifications regarding tank lining and coatings. We work closely with the top paint suppliers in the world, and if needed, we can help specify the right internal tank linings based on the product being stored as well as the proper exterior coatings based on the jobsite location and the environment that it would be subjected too.

Rest assured if you want internal tank linings and external tank coatings within our scope of supply, it will be completed with the highest quality of labor available in the industry today without jeopardizing safety or quality.

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